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Enjoy 2015 Spanish Through Art Camp

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Enroll NOW and save 20% off registration. Weekly sessions, ART, SPORTS, CRAZY SCIENCE, HIP HOP, and much more.

CAMP LOCATION IS:  2120 San Diego Ave, San Diego 92110


  • Week 1. Self-portrait. Emulating Van Gogh!
  • Week 2. Contemporary Art, Love The Sea. Emulating Paul Klee!
  • Week 3. Abstract painting, Emulating Tapies!
  • Week 4. Art Techniques, water colors, texture, splatter and more.
  • Week 5. Picasso "El Guernica"
Everything while learning and practicing Spanish! 

 June 29th to July 31, Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 2:45 pm + EC option till 4:30 pm with Guitar lessons (extra fee will apply)!

What make our camp different?All of our coaches are professionals instructors with years of experience, our Spanish coaches are native speakers with a teaching degree, all classes are taught in Spanish but Sports and EC.

This is the best time to give your child not only a fun summer time but a great learning life experience!

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SCHOLARSHIPS AVAILABLE call for information. 

WVSD is a full Spanish immersion program taught by professional native speakers, our fun learning method gives children the security and confidence necessary to practice and enjoy Spanish. 

We are an after school and in school enrichment program that provides the children a Spanish education based and adapted to the school program and the child needs. We understand every student is exposed to different learning environment therefore they learn different, this is why we adapt no the content but the way we teach to each one of the groups and classes you open.

Learning a second language makes you smarter! Children who learn a second language are more creative and better at solving complex problems than those who do not. Studies have shown that bilinguals tend to achieve  higher scores on standardized tests. Also, individuals who speak Spanish have the ability to communicate with more people, read more, and benefit more fully from traveling abroad.

This is a global world, Benefit from it! Whether  you want your kids to learn Spanish, or you want to learn o get better in Spanish, or your business requires you to speak the language this is the right start.

Give your child a bilingual education, a gift that will last forever!

Look at a child on his natural environment playing, doing sports, watching a movie int he movie theater, they are always active learners,  in our Adult Conversational Spanish Classes we use elements from several methods of foreign language teaching including TPR (Total Physical Response), Storytelling, and Easy Readings. You will Learn Spanish similarly to the way you learned your native language. Naturally!

From preschool to adults, beginners to advance we have a class for you! All our teachers are native Spanish speakers. And now introducing Get Fit and Speak Spanish! with our Health Coach Tania Fux! Call for information or email info@worldvoicessd.com 

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How bilingualism affects children's beliefs 

What to expect while learning a second language? 

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